What is a nerd?

“Nerd” is a term that originated in the 20th century, it was first used to describe people who are socially awkward and lacking in confidence.
But over time it has evolved into a word that describes people who have an interest in things like technology, science fiction and video games.
What is a nerd? They tend to be introverted and prefer the company of others with similar interests., etc…

Nerd is a colloquial term for someone who is, or appears to be, obsessive about intellectual pursuits, particularly of an academic kind.
You can often spot nerds by their choice of clothing (usually shirts and ties), their awkward social skills and the way they dress.

Nerd is a term for someone who likes things that are considered to be un-cool.
My personal definition of a nerd is someone who spends their time learning and mastering something they are passionate about.
The word Nerd has come to mean many different things over the years, and most people will define it differently.
There are all kinds of nerds, from the ones that know everything about computers, or cars, or movies, but can’t get any girls, to the ones who only

Nerd is a word used to describe people who are considered to be overly intellectual, obsessive, or lacking social skills.
It is sometimes considered derogatory. However, it has been reclaimed by some as a term of pride and group identity.
In the 1980s and 1990s, before the Internet became popular in mainstream culture, being a nerd was one of the few forms of social stigma that had positive connotations; see socially-acceptable misfit .

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