The revenge of the nerds

So what happened to the Revenge of the Nerds? It’s a question that has been on my mind for years, partly because I think it was a really good movie (at least, for the time) but mostly because it got me thinking about other franchises and series that have fallen by the wayside. Curb Your Enthusiasm, American Pie, and Zoolander are just a few out of many examples. Why do so many great movies or TV shows get cancelled? In most cases, they weren’t making enough money. A happy day has dawned, my friend. The Revenge of the Nerds is here! Marvel as I — let’s face it, I’m a total geek — drop suave lines on our heroines! Eavesdrop as I regale you with vintage computing jokes! Gasp, as I gamely slay the dragon on our path to computer-immortality! I was disappointed when I first discovered the Revenge of the Nerds audiobook. The chapters are short. There was no storyline. But something kept me listening and I’m glad it did. Over the last few years you hear a lot about big bang theory and the revenge of nerds, so what does it have to do with web development? To answer that question we have to go back to high school history class, where we will find the explanation of this phenomenon. Nowadays, it’s become all too common to hear that somebody doesn’t trust geeks. In fact, the Antidiscrimination Support Network keeps a running list of famous IT professionals who are specifically excluded from the most popular Drupal discussions lists – despite the fact that they are paid full-time contributors to Drupal core. It hasn’t always been this way though. Back in the day, hackers and geeks were actually cool. We’re taking a look at some prime examples of what we’re calling “hacker nostalgia” in this all new Geek Week show! It’s interesting to see how far we have advanced since the early days of computers. I for one, am not entirely sure what I was doing in those days. But now that I am older and wiser, it seems that things have changed, and will never go back to the way they were. In fact, technology is becoming more and more engrained into our daily lives. In a world that jumps on every trend and quickly forgets about it, in a short amount of time you will see everyone wearing the same pair of pants, listening to the same music, or even having the same haircut… It’s alright, I don’t blame them. After all trends are fun and can bring a nice change from time to time in our lives. But sometimes we need to rebel against the masses a little bit. After all history is made by those who dare to be different, aren’t they?